Our story began in the Czech Republic with a pencil and paper on the porch, where a picture was drawn for the first time which adorns the Diverzy logo. We are at the beginning of a magnificent journey that you’ll enjoy and together we’ll build one of the most valuable brands in the world. Together we will support the world and move it all forward.

I was not born to agree. I was born to discover the treasures inside me. To learn to love myself, and from the moment when I fall in love with myself, I’m also in love with the world, the universe, everything.

Diverzy brand visions

I can see how the brand grows in all corners of the world, how it can be used all over the world, how we enjoy it together once we create enough financial capital, we want to connect with manufacturers who produce clothes in harmony with nature, we want to create a unique feeling for you that can’t be surpassed by anything in the world, which will be so light and gentle along with our gateway to other worlds.

We’ll create limited editions that will never be produced again. We want to make our brand an investment and artistic tool to create great conditions for people.

I believe in humanity and the universe, all beings we are one, so let’s go to make the world a great place for all of us!

Be the change that you want to see in the world!

With this story I would like to inspire myself as well as you to support you in your dreams of prove to yourself that everything is possible and that the impossible does not exist.

In an hour I came up with the worldwide Diverzy brand, at that time I had $ 200 at my disposal, I spoke English to a limited extent without experience, money and English, I decided to build a worldwide clothing brand. Today is 27.11 2020, I have my last $ 40 left, but I believe the vision I presented to you all, I believe in myself and in the originality of our clothing. How will it turn out if we go viral? Will half the world buy from us? All I know and what I’m sure of is my relationship to the life I live, my key to success has

always been to feel great no matter the circumstances, no matter what happens to me, my goal is to be at harmony with myself. I succeed. I enjoy Diverzy, I love the process of wealth. I used to forget that the journey is the most important thing, I will always enjoy it until the last breath of my life.

While reading part of my story, you can feel how your dreams can materialise, you can do anything, anytime, anywhere! You are extraordinary. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting the brand

Zbyněk Kozlík (Dreamer)
Founder of Diverzy

Dreamers z.s

The Dreamers non-profit organisation was created so that we can return 2,2% to people and the planet from all our companies and projects. So, everyone that buys from us also supports the world.

So far, we have a construction company, Web design company, a clothing brand and we also have an extraordinary project – hour with a creator, who will support you on your journey as it is a personal development of yourself. We will soon create other projects that will be formed around the world. So, we can make enough money for projects, people and a world that is so amazing. I will support the world and all the beings in it.

The world has huge potential and I can see it.

This is the Diverzy brand’s story. Be proud of where you are and what you’re doing right now. We set out on a journey to wealth so that we could support ourselves and the world around us.

A brand from another planet, created for today’s dreamers.

Founder of Diverzy