The For My Self collection was created for Diverzy fans. It was developed for those who know and understand the impact we have on our lives. Each of us is a unique creator.

We know that when we are close to ourselves, we are close to everyone. Self-love is important, which is why we have come up with a collection for you that is created just for you. What do you love? What do you enjoy every second of? What do you admire in the world? What do you admire in yourselves?

Each piece of this collection is unique. There will never be more pieces.

So far, we do not make our own clothes. But we can offer you a unique graphic design, and as soon as we get to the point where we do create everything ourselves, we are going to make every part of your T-shirt, sweatshirt or jacket.

The For My Self collection is from our hearts for you.

Thank you for being with us.

Pavel Hala

Hello, My name is Pavel Hala

Give me a liberty to tell you about my love with The Queen Nettle, my story, my dream.

Once upon a time behind seven mountains and seven rivers, in a galaxy far away the story of our nettle began. The story about the nettle, The Queen of the Plants.
The story about the way from forage and fertilizer through the tea and using in a variety of clothes, foods, meals, drinks to cosmetics, pharmacology and medicine.
This was both incredible and tribulation journey that didn’t know a dimension of time.

She knew what to do here and now, and she kept moving forward. One day there was a moment when nettle ask that her friends give her their all. For this, they were rewarded in the form of overfilled gold cup of theirs wishes.
She loved people and started connecting people from all over the world.
The more they connected, the more she grew. Humans became a life force for The Queen Nettle.
The Queen Nettle learned more and more about people. She wanted to know everything about them. For this, she offered them to use her in cosmic botanical program, dress in it, drink it, eat it, talk to her, love her, live in her presence and company.
The relationship between nettles and humans became so strong and full of emotions that no evil intention ever managed to demage this strong friendship. Every person acquired and feel a personal relationship to The Queen Nettle.
In doing so, she offered to everyone to fulfill their dream, or the dream which they had before, and recall it again.
The Queen Nettle became a life force for humans. For myself, for all.